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  • Canvas Student Tour

    This self-paced course contains a series of short videos designed to help students learn how to use Canvas. Videos can be viewed in any order.

  • UNI-101-162

    Must be taken in the first semester of full-time attendance at UNCW. Seminar course designed to support first-year students in optimizing their UNCW experience. With instructor as mentor, approaches to critical thinking are emphasized as students explore the goals of liberal arts learning, academic ethics and strategies, UNCW’s common reading, information literacy, self-management, and effective group collaboration. Satisfies University Studies I: Foundations/First Year Seminar. Partially satisfies University Studies IV: Building Competencies/Information Literacy. (UNCW Academic Catalogue, 2017/18)

  • ENG-314-001

    In this writing course, you will explore ways in which writing practices are changing in light of emerging digital technologies and their online and networked environments. Recognizing that the act of writing can no longer be confined to the production of printed words alone, you will engage in the analysis and production of digital multimodal texts that blend alphabetic, visual, and aural components for online audiences. You will learn key rhetorical concepts (e.g., argument, arrangement, appeals, audience, context, delivery, invention) which can guide both the reading and writing of digital multimodal texts for specific online audiences. Due to the digital nature of this course, you will be required to experiment with various emerging Web 2.0 technologies and digital design software and will be held in a laptop classroom. You should have access to an up-to-date personal computer (preferably a laptop). This course also includes an applied learning project where you will collaboratively produce a multimodal text for the Burgwin-Wright House as the capstone project for the course. We will explore the process of developing a large multimodal text by focusing each project around a particular rhetorical mode and the world of museum texts.

  • ENG-557-001

    Whether your writing involves science, medicine, or just expert knowledge, being able to communicate complex information is crucial to making that knowledge work in the world. This section of technical communication will explore recent theories in plain language and information designed to help students better communicate complex information, especially in online environments. In today’s digital world, writers must not only make their writing comprehensible, but also accessible and usable. Students will also have the opportunity to interact with technical writers from several industries and companies involved with technology, business, medicine, and science.

  • Canvas Instructor Tour

    This self-paced course contains a series of short videos designed to help instructors learn how to use Canvas. Videos can be viewed in any order.

  • ENG-498-001

    Students in this course participate in a semester-long writing internship and put together a portfolio of their work for the job mark.